COVID-19 Testing

Introducing the new wave of laboratory services:
Test results ready in just 24 hours!

Who We Are

MAS is a state of the art laboratory built from scratch to specifically address the Covid-19 Pandemic. We put together a team of PhD Scientists and licensed technologists with more than 40 years of experience in Infectious Disease. Our equipment and robotics are world-class to deliver accurate results within 24 hours!

The Most Advanced 4 Target Multiplex PCR Testing Technology

As we enter a new realm in laboratory testing, Millenia Advanced Scientific, LLC (MAS) pioneers in the molecular testing arena using the most sophisticated robotics multiplexing technology to assist local communities. MAS is providing quality laboratory testing for the Coronavirus to help Central Florida residents receive the critical health information they need. We are dedicated to serving the needs of our patients and physician partners with the highest of standards in laboratory services.

By utilizing multiplexing technology, MAS can process three times as many tests in a specified period of time with a testing capacity reaching up to 3,000 per day.

Why are we using this testing method? Multiplexing technology allows MAS to look at 4 Targets instead of 1, which eliminates inconclusive or false positive results. Multiplexing also uses fewer reagents to allow for conservation of these critical and in demand chemicals. We use only CDC recommended test protocols, primers, and probes in conjunction with RNA extraction reagents.

The NSPFlex™ Swab

Our sister company 3D Medical Supply in partnership with 3D Printing Tech, are working together to help combat Covid-19 by creating a 3D printed Nasopharyngeal flexible swab manufactured in the USA.

High-Precision Pipetting Technology

Opentrons’ integrated design incorporates the same trusted mechanisms used in manual pipettes inside an innovative robotic package. These pipettes are designed for laboratory automation and optimized for use with the OT-2 system to enhance accuracy and flexibility in volume ranges of testing protocols.