The NPSFlex™ Swab

NPSFlex™ Swab Reaches New Dimension with Injection Molding

Increases tests to up to 10 million per month

To meet the growing demands for Covid-19 testing, 3D Printing LLC in partnership with 3D Medical Supply have printed a tool for injection molding technology to meet high volume output of swabs with accurate results. The collaboration between the two companies offers technology testing solutions to assist local communities during this global pandemic.

Injection molding essentially replaces conventional swabs that use flocked fibers and are made on specialized, proprietary equipment in limited supply. The demand for test swabs for both nasal and throat swab tests will continue to grow due to Covid-19.

Our sister company 3D Medical Supply in partnership with 3D Printing Tech, are working together to help combat Covid-19 by creating a 3D printed Nasopharyngeal flexible swab manufactured in the USA.

What Makes the NPSFlex™ Swab Unique?

Unlike other swabs available in the marketplace today that are breakable due to their glasslike make, the NPSFlex ™ swab is flexible and no risk of breakage. Due to its high tensile strength nature, this design allows the clinician easy and safe access to glide through the nostril, along the septum floor, reaching the nasophyrangeal wall.

Distinctive Design Features of the NPSFlex™ Swab:

  • Smooth to the touch, providing ultimate patient comfort in the testing experience
  • Manufactured in the USA, eliminating concerns of shortages due to export limitations from China or import red tape delays of parts
  • Reliable and superior product created in this critical time to exceed the industry standard

Product Description

Full Length Handle diameter Neck diameter Handle breakpointdiameter
5.85 inches 2.5 mm 1.5 mm 2 mm
Neck Length Head diameter Head Length Head feature
52.27 mm 3 mm 6.86 mm

Sterilization and Package

The NPSFlex™ swabs are individually packaged in autoclavable bags, and are very resilient to high temperatures with a melting temperature of 175°C. This allows them to be sterilized by using an AutoClave, Ethylene Oxide (EtO), or Gamma Radiation sterilization process.

For more information about the NPSFlex™ swabs and how to order your kit visit 3D Medical Labs.